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Buying Silver vs. Gold

Gold has hit record high prices during the past few months, but it has skyrocketed in the past decade. Gold is expected to triple in price within the next few years as the economy struggles to recover. Both gold and silver are projected to continue their exponential increase over the next few years. However, silver is currently hovering between $26 and $34 per ounce where gold is between $1650 and $1700 per ounce. When you invest in gold, you get much less quantity of your physical asset than you would with silver.

Silver has not yet hit a record high recently, but that makes now the best time to buy silver. This is because silver is expected to increase in price per ounce very rapidly over the next decade. As the financial markets suffer, unemployment rates are through the roof, and hyperinflation is imminent, precious metals like gold and silver have proven to be a very stable investment platform with incredible ROI potential.

If and when the global economy does recover, physical assets like the precious metals markets will not collapse. Financial markets, like stocks, bonds, 401K and IRA retirement accounts are built on the shaky foundation of paper currency that is no longer backed by a tangible asset. Gold and silver have served ass successful monetary units for thousands of years, and they will continue only to improve as demand continues to rise.

Both gold and silver have desirable properties that make them beneficial well beyond their monetary value in the paper currency equivalent. Precious metals like silver and gold are really the only true way to protect against inflation. When the US government moved away from the gold standard in 1971 (for whatever reason), they ensured hyperinflation to be inevitable as history has proved time and time again.


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Silver Price Per Ounce – Custom Date Range

After many similar requests, we’ve added the feature of being able to set a custom date range to determine the silver price per ounce for ranges of different dates. Whether you would like a higher resolution to check the price variations per hour or if you’d like to go back years in the past, you now have the option to set whatever date range you prefer.

We hope this versatile new feature will enable you to make a more informed decision as to whether you would rather invest in silver or gold for retirement.

Surely, these price charts won’t influence your decision alone. We’ve investigated several precious metals investment companies, such as VGPMX (Vanguard), Regal Assets, AIM Gold & Precious Metals, and several others and hope to help educate retirement investors on the different precious metals opportunities.

Disclaimer: Silver and Gold IRA Investing

Silver and gold IRA investing can be fraught with risk! So…

Before you take even our unbiased advice on retirement investment in precious metals, please be advised that many companies promise easy profits from buying precious metals and other commodities (learn more from the

Please be sure to visit this non-associated source for cross-reference and conduct thorough research of your own before making a silver or gold IRA investing decision.

Precious Metals Funds Comparison: Retirement Investing

While the top financial markets for gold and silver investing, such as VGPMX, FGLDX, TGLDX, etc, are very competitive and offer high quality silver and gold IRAs, they remain financial markets. This means that upon investing, both principal and interest are backed only by paper currency. This makes their volatility no different from other financial markets, such as stocks and standard IRAs/401Ks.

Regal Assets is different in that they are a company that provides silver and gold IRA rollovers into physical assets. This means that your retirement investment is backed by tangible or physical gold. Regal Assets also has an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and they employ some of the most knowledge and respected account managers that handle everything.

The best way to determine whether Regal Assets is the right choice for your silver or gold IRA retirement investment portfolio is to request your 100% complimentary investment kit (click here for gold or see right for silver). You will get the complete and comprehensive gold or silver investment kit plus a copy of Aftershock (as seen in the picture on the right) absolutely free.

You will be required to fill out the details with a valid phone number because they will contact you as to where to ship your complimentary investment kit.